Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Due Date Today!

It's Baby G's due date today!
We did our 39 week appointment yesterday even though it was only a day from hitting 40 weeks because our doctor was out last week since his wife just gave birth to their second child! He's an awesome doctor, so it was worth the wait.
I've shown some progress, but still not so much that it looks like I'll actually go into labor today. The doctor said he thinks there's about a 40% chance that I'll go into labor on my own before 41 weeks, though of course it's hard to predict. He did say I've made enough progress that if I were induced it wouldn't increase the risk of c-section.
I'm still hoping not to be induced, since I'd rather avoid being given Pitocin, but after talking it over with the doctor Gary and I decided to go ahead and schedule an induction for Monday (the day before I would hit 41 weeks). Our doctor will be at the hospital that day, and as much as we want things to progress naturally, we don't want to wait much longer than 41 weeks due to the possible risks for the baby as you get closer to 42 weeks and because the longer it takes for her to get here, the less time Gary will have with her before he goes back to work near the end of April. Also, my dad, who lives 6+ hours away, now knows that he can plan on coming to town this weekend to meet his first granddaughter at the start of next week if she's not here before then.
It's also nice that after all of the "When will she get here?" of the last few days we know that at this time next week, she'll be here.
In the meantime, I'll be using my exercise ball, going on walks with Gary, and praying that she comes any day!

Baby G at 36 weeks:

She loves putting her hand over her face.

Baby G at 30 weeks:

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