Thursday, April 9, 2015

Surefire Labor Inducing Recipe?

Ways to Induce Labor at Home (according to
Nipple Stimulation (Such as using a breast pump for 1 to 3 hours a day)
Sexual Intercourse
Spicy Foods and Castor Oil
Herbs and Acupuncture
Exercise and Patience

We've tried several of these methods, though no castor oil, herbs or acupuncture. I've also tried bouncing/rocking on an exercise ball.  Yep, none of them have worked so far. I think if your body is ready, some of them could potentially work. I also think some of the "surefire ways to induce labor" just happen to have been tried by desperate pregnant women who were about to go into labor anyway. 

Like the method we're trying tonight:

My husband is a big fan of the Philips Phile talk radio show, but believe it or not, this "surefire labor inducing" recipe was actually suggested by three people we know before we stumbled upon it online. I think if this recipe has ever been effective, it's been either coincidence or because eating so much of this stuff had the same effect as drinking castor oil. But, it has been years since I've had Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (a once a beloved childhood meal time staple), so when Gary suggested it I figured why not try it? 
After he went to store to buy the ingredients (the recipe clearly states that the husband has to do all of the prep work), Gary tuned in to the Philips Phile radio show which happened to be playing. Gary mentioned earlier on twitter that he was going to try the recipe. On the show, they sometimes do a shout out to twitter followers. While we were listening, they started talking about us trying the recipe. It was fun to hear.
If I do go into labor tonight, I promise to not try to try to tell every pregnant woman who's past their due date that they have to try this.
What crazy tips for inducing labor have you heard?
So, I did end up going into labor, but not 24 hours later like the recipe promised. Still, I did go into labor about 29 hours later. Am I convinced that the Surefire Labor Inducing Recipe did it?
Not really. We tried soooo many labor inducing tips and ideas that week that any of them could have done it, or it could have been that I was already 4 days past my due date and my body was just ready. But, if you're really desperate, it's worth a shot. :)

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